49% Of Concert Attendees Don’t Wear Ear Protection at Music Festivals, Poll Finds

According to a recent poll conducted by EDM.com, 49% of music festival attendees do not wear ear protection.

While the reasons for not wearing ear protection varied, a few common themes emerged. Some respondents indicated that earplugs diminish the overall music experience, assuming they muffle or distort the sound. Others simply underestimate the potential damage loud music can cause to their hearing, often dismissing the need for ear protection altogether.

However, the benefits of wearing earplugs at concerts cannot be overstated. Not only do they safeguard against immediate discomfort and potential hearing loss, but they also allow attendees to enjoy a true-to-life audio experience. Brands like EARPEACE Earplugs offer a solution that strikes this perfect balance between protection and sound quality.


EARPEACE Earplugs are the go-to choice for reliable hearing protection, trusted by renowned heavyweights such as Movement, Lollapalooza, Red Bull Music and more.

The plugs are designed for extended wear at any loud music environment, providing clear and safe auditory perception. With interchangeable protection filter sets, users can customize the level of protection based on the noise levels at each event. Crafted from premium, medical-grade silicone, they are built to last and come with a durable aluminum carrying case for convenience.

You can find out more about EARPEACE Earplugs here.


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