5 Reasons Not to Miss Submersion 2022, a Stimulating Festival Experience

It would be an understatement to say Submersion Festival has plans to live up to its name in 2022.

Enhanced visual production and a rare lineup are just a few things organizers have on tap to plunge attendees into the illusory Submersion experience this year, a pivotal one for the New Jersey electronic music event. Scheduled for October 7-8 at Paradise Lakes Campground in Hammonton, the 2022 outing marks the first multi-day camping event under the Submersion name.

And the weight of the moment is not lost on the festival's organizers, Jesse Boyer of The Rust Music and Ryan Karolyi of Aspire Higher. They've curated a lineup of epic proportions to usher the festival into its next chapter, tapping Chase & Status, Emancipator, Justin Martin, KOAN Sound, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Mr. Bill and TRUTH as headliners.

Here are five reasons why you can't miss Submersion Festival 2022, which you can purchase tickets to here.

Rare musical performances

It's easy to simply book big names and hope they sell tickets, but Submersion went the extra mile in its curation this year. The festival's creative list of artists and performances does not comprise your ordinary lineup—and that's a good thing.

Attendees of the 18+ fest will be able to experience the first-ever sunset performance by iconic electronic music duo KOAN Sound, whose signature glitch hop and neurobass sound will reverberate through the sun-soaked grounds of Paradise Lakes. Submersion will also be home to the first Wagon Christ U.S. set in over 15 years.

Other unique performances include a special IDM (intelligent dance music) set by Mr. Bill, a rare chill set by bass music virtuoso VCTRE, an Original + DnB set by Justin Martin, and the first-ever B2B from Tiedye Ky and Digital Ethos.

Submersion Festival proximity

When it comes to camping festivals, they're often nestled in locales that are hard to get to. After all, these events are intimate and foster a sense of community that only remote locations can offer.

However, Submersion's proximity to major cities in the Tri-State area and beyond makes it much more accessible than the others. Here is a list of cities within a 200-mile radius of the Paradise Lakes Campgrounds:

  • Philadelphia, PA - 35 Miles
  • New York City, NY - 100 Miles
  • Allentown, PA - 106 Miles
  • Randall's Island - 112 Miles
  • Baltimore, MD - 123 Miles
  • Scranton, PA - 160 Miles
  • Washington, DC - 161 Miles
  • Harrisburg, PA - 171 Miles
  • New Haven, CT - 200 Miles

Immersive production, VJs and onsite activations

Any fest can offer a slate of top DJs, but the songs they play will fade in the memories of fans. Believe it or not, the key to success for organizers of music festivals is not the music itself, but the experience.

This tenet seems to be top of mind for the organizers of Submersion, who have been working diligently to breathe life into the event via its immersive onsite activations. Working with The Void on VJ curations, VJs will be transmitting radiant, eye-popping visuals throughout the night. Moreover, attendees will stumble upon a slew of interactive art installations throughout the festival's grounds, as well as glassblowers, live painters and muralists. 

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5 Reasons Not to Miss Submersion 2022, a Stimulating Festival Experience

Chase & Status, Emancipator, Justin Martin and more are set for performances at the fest, scheduled for October 7-8 in New Jersey.

When it comes to stage production, The Sound LIVE will be leading the aesthetic of the Beach Stage with the Danley BC218 audio rig, alongside Lazershark (Pretty Lights) onstage and lighting design with Mike Jaws (Dopapod) as LD. Meanwhile, One-Source Productions will transform the Woods Stage with their powerful EVO7 Funktion 1 rig alongside Fungui Promotions.


And Submersion is wasting no time. It all starts on Thursday, when Early Entry ticket-holders can partake in a group movie night after the music ends at 4am, hanging out in onesies and inflatables until sunrise on Submersion's Beach stage.

Attendees should also look out for a Claw Machine filled with adult toys and fun surprises, sponsored by Emojibator. You can use the promo code "EDM" for 15% off orders at their website.

Here's a list of the performers who will showcase their work at Submersion 2022:

Belf Glass: @BelfGlass
Casta Glass:@CastaGlass
Evan Shore Bangers: @EvanShoreBangers
ObiWook Glass: @Obiwookglass
Chris Sculli:@ChrisSculliGlass
Shipley Glass: @ShipleyGlass
Sobe Glass: @Sobe_Glass
Vino Glassworks: @VinoGlassWorks

Live Painters/Muralists
Gavinger: @gavinger_
Mysterylias: @mysterylias
Gabbie Attardi Art: @astralgab
Eva Sturtz: @evasturtz
Sarah Vaccarello: @sarah.vaccariello
Ramon Trujillo: @ramjillio
Art by Koi: @ramjillio
Croz Arts: @crozarts
Eyes Movie: @eyesmovie
ChemDogMillionaire: @chemdoggmillionaire
Snare: @dab.slabbath
Loonah: @alessandra_hc
Alex Moso: @alexmoso_art
Andys eye candy: @andys.eye.candy
MIMS: @mims.artproject
Laurs Truely: @lauras_mindinpencils
Gabrielle D. Veneziani: @_gabrielledveneziani
Carissa Robinson
Jeremy Legge: @jeremy_legge

Camping and RV experience

What would a camping festival be without the camaraderie of its campers? It's all about community for Submersion Festival, which promises a memorable camping experience.

RV passes include four Early Entry passes and room for one vehicle to park with the RV. RVs will be parked along the festival's access road with water and power.

Car parking is located throughout the festival's grounds and is available to all ticket-holders, who get free camping with their weekend pass purchase. You can include up to five people on a Car-Side Parking pass, and you will be able to camp within feet of your vehicle. These passes are for cars to park outside of the direct festival grounds and haul their belongings a short distance to their camping location.

Paradise Lakes Campgrounds sitemap

Located in on the outskirts of Hammonton, Paradise Lakes Campgrounds is an expansive, lush swath of land spanning nearly 200 acres. Its placid lake and deep, verdant forests offer a magical ambiance, offering a resotrative escape for dance music fans.

Check out the Submersion festival sitemap below.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 12.56.18 PM

Follow Submersion Festival:

Facebook: facebook.com/SubmersionFestival
Instagram: instagram.com/SubmersionFestival
Twitter: twitter.com/Submersion_Fest
Website: submersionfestival.com

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