A Haunting Neo-Classical Album Has Dropped On Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS: Listen

S. Salter's new album "Juun" is the label's first neo-classical record.

We're willing to bet you haven't heard STMPD RCRDS quite like this before.

Helmed by dance music superstar Martin Garrix, the label is beloved for its explosive, festival-ready sound. Electro and future house bangers have long been STMPD's calling card, but recent years have seen the imprint experiment with ambient and downtempo music.

That brings us to today's release of Juun, the first-ever neo-classical record released on STMPD. The spacey album comes from S. Salter, the collaborative moniker of Samuel Ruddick and Jeremia Reichen.

With its lilting strings and contrapuntal textures, Juun is devoid of the electrifying sound that STMPD's fans are used to. But that doesn't make it any less impressive. In fact, the haunting album may hit home for fans of Garrix, who is revered for the spellbinding melodies which underpin the arrangements of his high-flying songs.

Juun also incorporates elements of biomusic by interpolating field recordings. According to STMPD, S. Salter captured sounds from rainy Dutch forests and eerie, empty Berlin metro stations at night.

S. Salter are now set to appear at the upcoming "Piano Day 2023" event, which will showcase "some of the most talented and forward-thinking composers and creators in the world" on March 29th. The event was created by Leiter Verlag and renowned composer Nils Frahm.

You can find Juun on streaming platforms here.

Follow S. Salter:

Instagram: instagram.com/_s.salter
Spotify: spoti.fi/3mCmNWx

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