A New Beach Club Is Opening on Phuket’s Largest Man-Made Lagoon

A brand-new beach club is opening in Phuket for those in search of an open-air electronic music oasis in Thailand.

Situated at the periphery of Phuket's largest man-made lagoon, MuMu Clubhouse offers an unforgettable clubbing experience. According to its website, the venue is a "sun-kissed retreat for relaxation" by day, thanks to its white sands and Balearic beats. By night, it transforms into a "contemporary dance music haven" that will host many world-renowned DJs.

The proprietors of the lavish club are envisioning a home away from home, embodying modernist design values and a refined aesthetic. Attendees can indulge in an array of gourmet bites and exotic craft cocktails, the latter of which will be curated by one of Asia's top mixologists.

"When I was approached about developing a new beach club at the edge of Phuket’s largest man-made lagoon earlier this year, I knew we had the potential to create something very special and I hopped on the first plane," said Arthur Delaney, Creative Director of MuMu Clubhouse. "Since then we have all been working to build MuMu into a dynamic creative space for music, art, design & everything in-between. We are developing the programming for a series of parties around our launch in February 2024 featuring both internationally renowned DJs and local talent. We are really excited about the announcements for MuMu we have up our sleeve."

Delaney, a founding member of the UK electronic band HÆLOS who has performed at Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, is one of three nightlife execs breathing life into MuMu Clubhouse. He's joined by Creative Strategists Zoárd Heuzé and Daniel Zautashvili, who bring years of expertise in DJing, production, branding and consultancy.

Driving the musical curation is Rec N Cue, a Phuket-based DJ collective featuring Tissanai, Nutnai and Jah. Known for their sets at Babaloop, Café del Mar and Wonderfruit, they curated 2022's successful TAN TAB LAB music festival.

MuMu Clubhouse is scheduled to open with its first party on February 10th, 2024. You can find out more here

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Website: mumuclubhouse.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mumuclubhouse
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