Ableton Scraps 2021 Loop Summit Due to "Unmanageable Doubt" Casted by COVID-19

Music festivals aren't the only major events to feel the wrath of COVID-19 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Venerated German music software company Ableton, the developer of the most ubiquitous digital audio workstation on the planet, has cashed in its chips and cancelled its in-person 2021 Loop Summit, citing fears of COVID-19.

"We have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Loop Summit in 2021," Ableton said in a statement. "It is increasingly clear that we cannot guarantee the level of health and safety that our event demands. In addition to the welfare risk, the ongoing global pandemic has continued to cast unmanageable doubt over all aspects of our event planning. Uncertainty in future travel and event restrictions has made it impossible to confirm bookings, and to assure the quality of the event and diversity of voices to a degree that’s acceptable for us to move forward."

Ableton has informed pass-holders via email that their tickets will be refunded in full. The 2020 iteration of the annual music production summit was originally scheduled for April 24th, but was ultimately shelved due to the impact of the virus on in-person events. Ableton went on to postpone it to April 2021 before organizing a virtual edition to assuage its legion of music creators. The digital event featured performances from Sebastian MullaertAndrew Huang, and electronic music producer and performer Rachel K Collier.

"Whilst we’re saddened that a full Loop Summit cannot move ahead, our team is excited to redirect efforts towards Loop’s impact at a time when our community is in more need than ever," the statement continued. "We will refocus towards providing greater access to Loop, developing new ways of bringing music makers together online, exchanging ideas and inspiration in localised community settings, and exploring how we shape the future of music making to meet our new global reality."

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