Above & Beyond release double single ‘Morning In Deira/ Time Heals’: Listen Below

Above & Beyond have released two new singles, ‘Morning in Deira’ and ‘Time Heals,’ while announcing their newest label imprint, Reflections.  The label was named after a track from their highly successful ‘Flow State’ album from 2019.

As pioneers of the trance music world, Above & Beyond saw a desire from fans for more downtempo, ambient music and began the journey with the Flow State and yoga/ meditation specific sets. ‘Morning In Deira‘ and ‘Time Heals both represent a continuation of that journey for the group, as well a strong commitment to continue to produce content for their fans through the Reflections imprint. ‘Morning in Diera’ opens with a soothing sustained pad and a gentle arpeggio to ease into the mood and energy. From there, the slow build adds a beautiful piano lead just beyond the one minute mark, as the background synths come up, feeling like the release of a slow, controlled breathe while holding on to Warrior pose. This ebbs and flows for the next four minutes, allowing for a calm, relaxed listen until the track slowly fades out with a reprise of the opening arpeggio.

Source: Album Artwork

Time Heals begins with 30 seconds of silence before a beautiful piano melody starts and continues for nearly a minute before a subtle synth pad joins, lightly moving the track along. It maintains this energy for the remainder of the track, a gentle, mellow vibe, perfect for relaxation, mediation or yoga. The dedication and execution of not only the music, but live sets and now the further commitment with the Reflections label imprint, show that Above & Beyond are never content truly willing to explore avenues beyond their already massive career. ‘Morning In Deira’ and ‘Time Heals’ are clearly the start of what will be a carefully curated sounds and sets for listeners to experience. The Reflections website currently offers playlists dedicated to Sleep, Focus and Relax, as the group will no doubt expand the offerings from the label to create a world for mental and physical health.

Listen below:

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