Above & Beyond to Celebrate 20 Years of Anjunabeats with Extended Livestream Event

Above & Beyond's historic Anjunabeats imprint is rapidly approaching a milestone anniversary of 20 years. To celebrate the occasion, the trio is setting the stage for an extended ABGT400 livestream event, set to take place on the River Thames in London, back where their legacy all began.

While the group is getting ready to celebrate the monumental achievement, the process in the pandemic era has been vastly different. For starters, the trio has not been together in person since March, which they say is the longest they have not seen each other in 20 years. Normally, they'd be on a studio blitz in preparation, but these times of social distancing have seen the members working independently on various projects.

Despite slowing down on new Above & Beyond work, the trio is spinning the time apart as a positive and appear eager to reunite. "As Paavo put it, the world is taking a deep breath, reflecting on how we’ve got to where we are," the group said in a statement. "So, in keeping with that theme, that’s what this year’s Group Therapy celebrations are all about: looking back at the music that brought our family together."

The "best of" style performance will pull music from the vast Anjunabeats archives highlighting the music that has shaped the imprint's story thus far. Fans will be able to catch the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise—including signed pieces—during the livestream.

The ABGT400 livestream kicks off on the Anjuna Twitch channel at 7PM BST (2PM ET, 11AM PT) on September 26th, 2020.


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