Above & Beyond welcome William Orbit’s take on ‘Sun In Your Eyes’: Listen

A week before Part 2 of ‘10 Years Of Group Therapy‘ is released, Above & Beyond unveiled the ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ remix from William Orbit, a legendary British music producer and songwriter.

In the honor of the second part of ’10 Years of Group Therapy’ being released next week on October 6, Above & Beyond unveiled one of the tracks from the tracklist – a remix of their successful and widely loved ‘Sun In Your Eyes’. With the tracks being massively remixed since their release in 2011, not many got the attention of Anjunabeats to gain their official release, but William Orbit got a unique opportunity to provide his musical mastery to the anniversary of Group Therapy.

“I was at Warner Records making my own music and @tonymcguinness was the Marketing Director. He would come around to my studio and talk about his plans for making music — and I’ve watched him literally make those plans happen in the best way. I was there from the first yearnings of Above & Beyond and witnessed it grown into this incredible thing. We stayed friends, then 20 years later Above & Beyond asked me if I’d be up for doing a remix. I chose ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ because it was the track that spoke to me the most.” – William Orbit shared on an Instagram post about how this collaboration came to be.

When it comes to electronic music, William Orbit was a staple name for its humble beginnings in the 90s. Being credited as a songwriter and a music producer behind artists like Madonna, U2, Britney Spears, Pink, Robbie Williams and many more, his work has received numerous awards for his contributions. The trance community became familiar with his work at 1999 when his release ‘Barber’s Adagio For Strings’ got a well known trance remix from Ferry Corsten.

As for Above & Beyond, last December their first part release of ’10 Years of Group Therapy’ included 21 remixed songs, with an announcement that part two is coming by the end of this year. Now that the time for it has arrived, you can anticipate the pre-order on Anjunabeats’ website here. In the meantime, enjoy this ethereal remix of Sun In Your Eyes’ by William Orbit down below:

Image Credit: Above & Beyond Press / Provided by Creamfields PR

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