Alesso Brings the Sounds of Body Hi to Life With New EP, “Hypnotize”: Listen

As another page turns in the illustrious saga of Alesso, the Swedish dance music superstar is exploring a new creative frontier that aligns him more closely with the heart of underground dance music.

The hit-making producer's new EP, Hypnotize, sees him more boldly embracing the gritty rhythms of house music and the captivating, cinematic moments of melodic techno. A part of Alesso's compelling new moniker Body Hi, the three-track EP represents a significant departure from the vocal-driven progressive house anthems that his fans have come to adore, instead offering a raw and more club-focused sound.

Setting the stage for a deeper exploration into the genre, the EP kicks off with "Zig Zag," a single released in March that was well-received for its energizing cadence. Meanwhile, "The Rhythm of the Night," sees Alesso brilliantly incorporating a sample from Corona's iconic 90s hit into a modern dance framework. That track not only showcases his ability to blend different elements of electronic music—techno, progressive house and bass—but also serves as a nostalgic nod that resonates with both new listeners and longtime fans.

Hypnotize arrives on the heels of Alesso's exhilarating Do LaB set at Coachella, where he made his debut live performance as Body Hi. Check out the new EP below and stream it here.