Alesso releases VIP mix of ‘Words’: Listen

Alesso has released the VIP Mix for his recent single with Zara Larsson, ‘Words’. The new mix has been featured in his recent live sets, including a his performance at EDC Las Vegas not long ago.

The original track, released April 22nd, has already racked up a staggering 18 million plays on Spotify and has been a staple on Sirus XM’s BPM station since its release. With the new VIP Mix, Alesso flips ‘Words’ from a vocal pop standard to a heavy hitting dance floor anthem. Whereas the original single opened with Larsson’s vocal over a a simple clap and synth pad, the VIP Mix is all about the music and energy that comes from being a main stage DJ. Alesso builds the track for a full minute before the vocal even comes in, hitting listeners with a pounding kick, driving percussion and growing layers of synths, leads and bass, building a slow and steady anticipation. When the vocal finally arrives, just past the one minute mark, it is tuned down from the original to give an even heavier feel to line, and focuses on the chorus, with a repeating line of “You’re just gonna get up and run,” as the music again builds to crescendo before returning the driving kick and percussion from earlier, which will again see the same vocal line used to layer over this section.

Alesso maintains this throughout the rest of the song, building and releasing the energy throughout the five and a half minutes of music, allowing the user to feel the chords and kick and focus on the chorus of the original, especially the tag of “you’re just gonna get up and run, you’re just gonna run away.” Overall the new remix is a fresh take on the original, and the one fans will expect to hear when catching the producer on stage all summer long. For those unable to be there live, it is great that Alesso has shared this mix to streaming services and no doubt many up and coming producers will be inserting this mix into their own sets and edits as well.

Stream ‘Words (VIP Mix)’ now:

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