AmazeVR closes $15 million round of funding for virtual shows

The world of music and live entertainment that we once knew is about to change, and we are all for it! By no means of our imagination, the latest initiatives evolving around the digital and the real-life world have been emerging constantly, with AmazeVR joining the list of the most mesmerizing of projects that we have seen to date. With this in mind, the LA-based startup has just closed a $15 million round of funding, and in turn, has taken their total raise to the staggering amount of $30.8 million.

Looking to present us all with “the next stage of music,” AmazeVR have set out on connecting fans closer to artists, with the main concept of enjoying a live performance from your favourite artist through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in the clearest and efficient proximity that has ever been implemented whilst enjoying live-action 3D footage of any kind. A unique task if we say so, this latest initiative has been backed-up heavily by an array of investors located in the U.S. and overseas, with one of the largest Korean establishments, the GS Group, providing adequate funding that will benefit everyone involved in this ground-defying digital project.

“This funding allows us to keep hiring aggressively. In 2021, we tripled our team in Hollywood and Seoul. We’ve been able to attract top talent from the industries we touch including creatives who have worked with artists such as Kanye and Cardi B; a former marketing director at Live Nation; a film buyer for Regal/Cinemark; and an AI engineer from NVIDIA. This puts us in an ideal position to take full advantage of VR and the metaverse’s growing popularity, as we deliver breathtaking VR concerts from major artists, first to theaters, then to homes worldwide.” – Ernest Lee (AmazeVR co-CEO)

With funding the most pivotal of aspects related to how successful or not this latest initiative can and will be, it comes to no surprise that global investors are queuing up to get involved, as the most recent hype surrounding the digital world and the metaverse, in particular, has found its way towards the live sector in the most significant of ways. Looking to create a “one-of-a-kind” experience for anyone involved, AmazeVR will be available via development in cinemas worldwide, with from-home action enabled through a “music metaverse service” that can be accessed by the purchase and of use of VR headsets. In further detail, Lee goes on to explain;

“You really need to experience our VR concerts to get a full grasp of how impactful they are. VR can finally blow all 2D experiences out of the water. Thanks to our tech, we can evoke a real sense of presence you can’t get from a screen, the feeling that your favorite artist is right there, face to face with you. This opens up a new dimension for music, one of the first new ways for artists and fans to connect since recordings appeared. We’re thrilled that investors are grasping this and are supporting us as we innovate and grow.”

A truly unique concept, AmazeVR has taken virtual reality that one level further, and in turn, has allowed us all to dream of a more enticing and unique interaction with our favourite artists. Groundbreaking in every sense possible, the first-ever VR concert tour is set to take place this spring, with the company announcing that Megan Thee Stallion will be headlining this innovative and out-of-this-world experience for anyone lucky enough to be a part. For any further information on the live show, as well as the project behind AmazeVR, be sure to check out their official website here.

Image Credit: AmazeVR (via Facebook)

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