An Immersive DAW Is Coming to the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro may become the next frontier for digital music production—and RipX DAW is staking ground as an early mover in the space.

Imagine a digital medium where hands-on production is truly possible—no more waveforms, the ability to edit compositions with gestures, and so on. Between the spatial computing power of Apple's $3,500 augmented reality headset and the immersive RipX DAW developed for the burgeoning platform, this may soon become a reality.

Developed by Hit 'n' Mix, RipX DAW for the Apple Vision Pro invites users to "explode the music to fill your room." The idea broadly invites artists to consider a world wherein music production transcends physical boundaries, enabling artists to collaborate in shared virtual environments as easily as if they were in the same studio. 

In an effort to make it the most immersive production platform of its kind, artists will have the ability to walk through compositions and interact with melodies as they float through the air, making music a tangible entity that can be shaped, moved and experienced like never before. 

RipX DAW for the Apple Vision Pro does not have a release date, but those unfamiliar with the existing software can access a 21-day free trial via Hit 'n' Mix's website.


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