An Insider’s Guide to Creamfields North 2023

After celebrating its 25th event in 2022, it's tough to question the power of Creamfields, whose organizers seem to further separate the festival from its contemporaries each year.

A giant in its own right, Creamfields was there at the explosion of the U.K.’s rave scene, which dates back roughly 30 years ago. They've since captured the hearts of the electronic dance music community at large—and haven't let go.

Creamfields takes pride in curating a diverse lineup each year, covering the electronic music spectrum in a way few festivals are able to. From hard-hitting techno and high-energy house music to uplifting trance and frenetic drum & bass, Creamfields’ annual lineups have something for everyone.

And the festival's stages are equally as impressive, with the mighty Arc Stage standing at 250 feet wide with over 1,500 light fixtures and a cutting-edge LED screen, making it one of the largest outdoor stages in the world. While the almost identical Horizon Stage flaunts similar specs, Creamfields' indoor arena stages are just as majestic.

Creamfields 2022.

Creamfields 2022.

The iconic Steel Yard boasts an impressive capacity of 15,000, while featuring moving light trusses that are able to transform the feel of the space in seconds to curate the perfect atmosphere for the likes of Carl Cox, CamelPhat and Eric Prydz to deliver captivating sets.

The new Runway Stage, on the other hand, is 21,000 square feet in size and has a 200-foot-long video screen that extends from the DJ booth high above the crowd, lending to an experience similar to floating in space.

CamelpPhat performing at Creamfields 2021. 

CamelpPhat performing at Creamfields 2021. 

Creamfields’ location in Daresbury has played a pivotal role in its monumental success. One of the few large-sized “greenfield” camping festivals in the dance music ecosystem, Creamfields juxtaposes maximalist stage production with a setting immersed in natural scenery and a campsite that stretches as far as the eye can see. With multiple camping packages as well as its "Dreamfields" glamping experience, the festival is equipped to accommodate all budgets.

Whether you’re a seasoned raver or gearing up to attend Creamfields for the first time next summer, we compiled our best tips so you can make the most out of your experience.

Buy a ticket using Creamfields' deposit scheme

With expenses ranging from travel to accommodation, attending a festival can oftentimes become quite costly. In order to avoid missing out on tickets, many prefer to reserve their passes ahead of time.

Creamfields is taking the financial burden off its attendees with its deposit scheme, which allows you to secure your ticket for £20 and pay the rest in automatic installments at the start of each month.

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An Insider’s Guide to Creamfields North 2023

From tickets to vendors and everything in-between, here's everything you need to know to have a memorable Creamfields experience.

Take advantage of the Creamfields website

Attending a large festival for the first time and making sure you have all the information you need can sometimes feel overwhelming. But after 25 years, the organizers of Creamfields know how to take care of guests and make sure they're prepared.

The festival's official website doubles as a comprehensive handbook containing everything an attendee might need in order to be fully prepared, like camping information and travel tips.

Explore the dozens of onsite food vendors and activities

Creamfields offers a slew of options for all culinary tastes, like Greek wraps, Chinese noodles, Japanese katsu, Mexican tacos, artisan cocktail bars and vegan foods. The list goes on.

While you’re at it, you can also explore attractions like the “real pub” bar installation, the inflatable church where attendees can get "married" and the onsite glam sections.

Creamfields 2021. 

Creamfields 2021. 

Go green

Unless you have one of the "Dreamfields" or "Pre-Pitch" options, you’ll need to pack up a tent before heading to Creamfields for the weekend. If you’re attending the fest for the first time, it'd be smart to invest in a sturdy tent that you can use for years to come instead of opting for single-use tents, which aren't great for the environment. 

And keep an eye out for the festival’s green initiatives. Return 50 empty drinking cups in exchange for a free drink, bring plastic bottles and cans to the onsite Co-Op supermarket in return for free vouchers, and claim other prizes for keeping campsites clear of waste.

Download the official Creamfields mobile app

As Creamfields approaches, there’s no better way to stay updated on all the latest announcements than the festival's official app. The app’s geotagged map will allow you to find your way around the festival while providing you with all the time-sensitive information you need in order to have a great experience.

Have fun, but do it responsibly

You finally made it to Creamfields. Now, your utmost priority should be to enjoy yourself.

But you can't share these precious moments with the wonderful Creamfields community without first taking care of yourself and those around you. EDM is all about unity and connection over a shared love of music, and Creamfields is the ideal place to let loose and have fun, albeit responsibly.

Creamfields tickets

Tickets for Creamfields North are available here.



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