Anabel Englund & Yotto team up for latest single ‘Waiting For You’: Listen

With success following her every move, Anabel Englund has returned with a brand-new track. Following her recent #1 dance radio hit ‘Underwater with MK, the multi-talented singer/songwriter has now teamed up with Finnish producer Yotto for his latest single, ‘Waiting For You’. The track looks to capture Englund’s entrancing sound throughout, whilst Yotto’s dreamy soundscape creates the perfect harmony that leaves this track destined for the very top of the charts, proving that Anabel Englund and Yotto are a great match.

Often combining a bright and carefree sound generated by her authentic Southern California breeziness, whilst other times portraying an irresistible and alluring dark smouldering touch, Englund has already left her own unique mark on the music scene. With her ‘Messing With Magic Deluxe Album’ set for release on May 21st, ‘Waiting For You’ highlights one of five new songs which have been added to the original 10-track album. Besides ‘Waiting For You’ which is out today, the deluxe album will also include; ‘Don’t Say Goodbye (I’m Not Ready)‘Boogie All Night” featuring Dombresky, as well as acoustic versions of Picture Us’ and ‘Underwater.’

Following an array of praising reviews for the original album, Englund has now set out to reach even further heights with her own unique sound. The addition of a well-known producer and label manager in Yotto, can only ensure that this latest track is bound to have a similar fate with her last three #1 dance radio hits.

You can buy Anabel Englund and Yotto collaboration ‘Waiting For You’ here and also stream it below on Spotify whilst the ‘Messing With Magic Deluxe Album’ can be pre-saved here. Let us know what you think of this latest single!

Image Credit: Anabel Englund (via Facebook), Yotto (via Facebook)

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