Anjunadeep mark 500th release with announcement of ‘Reflections Vol. 1’

Anjunadeep has become internationally recognized as an independent record label based in London. Founded in 2005 by Above & Beyond and their manager James Grant, Anjunadeep has undeniably become a source for world-class releases and global showcase events. Consistently showcasing talents such as Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, Eli & Fur, and many more, the label has just announced a new compilation series ‘Reflections Vol. 1’ which marks their 500th release.

With the upcoming compilation to consist of downtempo and ambient instrumentals from Yotto, Lane 8, Qrion, Nox Vahn, and new faces such as PBSR, Kitput, and Vár Sofandi, Anjunadeep fans are in for a special treat with this one. To provide a little taste up the upcoming compilation, Anjunabeats has released the first single “It’s All Over” and let us tell you it is absolutely breathtaking. Providing a sense of peace and pure emotion in the single, Qrion’s ambient production style shines bright as listeners feel the calming presence throughout the single. With the anticipation beginning to build for the full compilation release on October 5th, James Grant shares:

“Electronica and chillout were what first got me into electronic music and so it’s a very natural evolution for Anjunadeep to be expanding further in that direction via this new series.”

To keep you satisfied until the release, check out the first single and full tracklist below.


Nox Vahn ‘Dream Of Love’ (Anjunadeep 11 Mix)
Yotto ‘Maggio’
Lane 8 ‘Apes & Children’
boerd & Rondo Mo ‘Ready’
Qrion ‘It’s All Over’
Hiatus ‘Distancer’ (vinyl exclusive)
Kitput ‘Streichholz’
Croquet Club ‘Slow Mo’
PBSR ‘Island’
Vár Sofandi ‘Move Dust Through The Light’

Photo Credits: Anjunadeep Official Website

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