Anti Up Drop Dual Dynamite Tracks, Electrifying Coachella Buzz: Listen

In the run-up to Coachella 2024, Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo, known collectively as Anti Up, are dialing up the heat with the release of two big singles.

"Control The Media" is a hypnotizing house marvel, weaving an ominous narrative with its mantra-like hook: "Control the airwaves, control the mind." The track's build-up leads to a cataclysmic drop highlighted by thunderous kicks and a stark, minimal lead that cuts through the mix with precision. Its simplicity belies its depth, compelling listeners to ponder the message against a characteristically infectious rhythmic breakdown.

On the flip side, "The Weekend" is a high-octane anthem for escapism and unapologetic revelry. With lyrics that feel almost conversational, it's a musical embodiment of the no-holds-barred spirit of the weekend, inviting us to shed the shackles of the workweek and dive headfirst into the thrill of the moment. The track's energy is underscored by production that doesn't shy away from delivering the same thumping action that has long-defined Anti Up's sound. 

Emerging as twin titans of sound ahead of the duo's hotly anticipated Coachella debut, both tracks underpin Anti Up's continued evolution, pushing the boundaries of house music while remaining true to the basslines that have cemented their status as industry leaders. Take a listen below.