Apashe Unveils Satirical “Antagonist” Documentary

If you've ever been curious to see what it's like to record an electronic album, Apashe has you covered.

Behind-the-scenes footage, along with a heaping helping of humor and satire, collide in his new documentary, which is named after his stunning Antagonist album.

Apashe documents his one-of-a-kind process working with an orchestra to record his sophomore album, while mixing comical and, at times, absurd elements in the "mockumentary."

"Over the last three years we shot all our adventures, the ups and downs of this impossible album Antagonist. Some already had the pleasure of watching it in cinemas in LA, Brussels, Montreal and Prague but it’s finally going to be available for everyone on my YT channel," wrote Apashe on Instagram.

Apashe recently wrapped up his barnstorming "Antagonist" tour, which sold over 70,000 tickets across North America and Europe.

You can watch the new documentary below.



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