Armada Music Releases Landmark 20th Anniversary Remix Album

Armada, a titan in the dance music world by any metric, is commemorating its 20th anniversary with a landmark remix album, showcasing the label's storied legacy through a contemporary lens. 

Armada Music - 20 Years (Remixed) is a treasure trove of reimagined classics, each rework adding a fresh dimension to its respective source material. The album's marquee offering is Armin van Buuren's remix of his 2023 hit "This Is What It Feels Like" featuring Trevor Guthrie.

Inspired by Guthrie's neighbor's battle with a brain tumor, the original track went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording​​​​. van Buuren's 10th anniversary remix reinvigorates the record with a modernized, future rave-inspired twist while maintaining its heartfelt core.


Other standout tracks include KREAM's remix of Three Drives on a Vinyl’s "Greece 2000," which infuses the timeless tune with a contemporary version of its arpeggiated melodic energy. Meanwhile, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano's remix of Afro Medusa’s "Pasilda" brings a fresh take on the original's characteristically Afro-Cuban influences. 

The compilation stands as a testament to Armada's enduring impact on the dance music scene. Bridging past with present, the project underscores the label's historic role in shaping the broader evolution of electronic music while validating its continuous drive to innovate.

Take a listen to Armada Music - 20 Years (Remixed) below.

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