Armin van Buuren has released his meditation routine on Insight Timer

Armin van Buuren has teamed up with healthcare platform Insight Timer to release his 10-minute long meditation routine.

This exciting new partnership was announced right after the artist blessed us all with a couple of mind-bending live performances at Tomorrowland 2022 on the first and second weekends. His meditation routine that contains a self-produced sound bed also consists of a bonus version with commentary.

Here’s what the Dutch superstar had to say about his new initiative and his attachment to meditation in general –

“Meditation, for me, is a moment for myself, and a way for me to deal with the cloud In my head. Every day, I check in with myself. If I listen to my breath and just focus on my breathing, immediately my mind starts to wander. Now I understand that’s ok and just let the thoughts be. I make a note in my head and bring my focus back on my breathing. That’s always my anchor. I wanted to share this with my fans, so I recorded this meditation for others to practice to so that they, as well, may find balance.” – Armin van Buuren

Be sure to check out the artist’s meditation routine here

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Image Credit: Bart Heemskerk (via Armada PR)


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