ARTBAT release new track ‘Flame’ from their record label UPPERGROUND: Listen

Certainly a special day for ARTBAT fans, they’re not only releasing a brand new track which is exciting enough, titled ‘Flame‘, but it is also the start of a new journey as the duo are starting up their very own label UPPERGROUND.

Almost six years to the date of the duo’s first single titled ‘Mandrake‘ and first entry into the electronic world, it makes sense that they would start this huge new chapter in their journey as a nod to the date that started everything for them. The name UPPERGROUND came from the idea that the underground sound that ARTBAT is known for has become so worldwide popular that it almost isn’t underground anymore, hence the clever name UPPERGROUND. About the label itself, they say:

“During the pandemic, we had enough time to work on new music and had our heads deep in the studio working on new ideas. Now we feel like we have the right tracks to be presented on our own label. Especially after a worldwide lockdown, we wanted to kick off with something fresh and new, filled with life, colour, spiritual uplift and emotion. Now feels like the exact right time to do so.”

A tantalising mix of melodic techno and trance, ‘Flame’ is an emotional single to say the least for the pair. Ripe with their signature sound and energy, this is a perfect track to start this magical new journey and you can now listen to it below or stream it here.

Image credit: ARTBAT (via Facebook

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