Audius announces acquisition of virtual platform

Audius has announced that it will be acquiring the virtual performance platform known as  This new development will further help Audius achieve its core goal and values by further empowering artists with tools and opportunities to grow their brand on their own terms.

Founded in 2018, Audius’s core goal has been artist empowerment, and through it’s innovation and dedication has grown to become the largest decentralized music community and platform, complete with it’s own crypto token, $AUDIO.  As for, the Barcelona based company came to be in 2019, the brainchild of founder Ara Kevonian, with the hopes of connecting fans and artists in new ones, while helping to create new monetizing options as well.  The platform has found early success with its unique yet intimate virtual rooms and has seen prominent artists such as Firebeatz, Kill Paris and ill.Gates utilize the site for their own events.

“My intention with was to produce the next best thing to a physical concert. The goal was to deliver an experience that allowed fans and artists to interact as their human selves. As we found out, that human element proved to be key in recreating the excitement that was lost in existing live stream and virtual concert offerings,” said CEO and founder Ara Kevonian. “I’m excited to bring to Audius and join the Audius ecosystem. Roneil and Forrest share the same vision of bringing more unique and compelling experiences to fans while giving the artist full creative freedom.”

It is clear from Kevonian’s words that the newfound relationship between and Audius certainly feels rooted in like minded goals to help transform the music industry and offer artists new means of revenue streams and promotion. The respect is clearly mutual as Forrest Browning, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Audius discusses the decision to purchase

“In, Ara has created a powerful new environment for artists and fans to interact in.  There’s an ambitious product roadmap for as we work with Ara to create new virtual experiences for music fans.”
Check out the introduction video from Audius and Soundstage below:



Image Source: Press Release

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