Bandlez’s Diandre Ruiz Launches Generative AI Program for Creating Samples

The application of AI technology is getting even more granular with the launch of a new generative sample program, Soundry AI.

Early users of the prompt-based program, which was developed by a team led by CEO Mark Buckler and Bandlez's Diandre Ruiz, have heralded it as the next big thing in sound design. Demos of the Soundry program illuminate the promise of being able to generate on-the-spot samples by way of prompting with stylistic descriptors, instrumentation and even the desired musical key.

"Our team is asking the question: What if we used generative AI to empower artists rather than replace them?" Buckler tells "There are a surprisingly large number of AI music generators out there, but they all amount to selecting a few drop-down options, waiting a few minutes, and then inevitably being unsatisfied with the result. By focusing on sample generation instead of song generation we can deliver high quality results more quickly while also giving artists fine-grained control."

The founders of Soundry AI.

Soundry AI

Ruiz published a brief demo showcasing how in just a few prompts, producers can assemble foundations of a song all from scratch. As one half of Bandlez, he has earned a reputation in his own right for cutting-edge sound design in the world of bass music, and Soundry provides the potential for other artists to achieve similarly groundbreaking results by either riffing off of AI-generated samples or simply plugging the output directly into their tracks.

"It's insane the amount of love and also opposition we've had but we're really excited to enable folks with the power of AI," adds Ruiz, Soundry's Chief Production Officer. "All too often we see tech innovation start at the corporate level and work its way down to everyday people like us. We're really excited to be getting AI into music in a way that's by artists, for artists.

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