Billy McFarland Says He Signed a Deal to Turn the Story of Fyre Festival Into a Broadway Musical

The story of Billy McFarland is headed to Broadway, the Fyre Festival founder said. 

It's been nearly a year since McFarland finished his six-year prison sentence, and in that time he's hardly been sitting on his hands. For starters, he is working to shore up $26 million in restitution owed to the victims of 2018's ill-fated Fyre Festival, all without being able to act as an officer or director of a public company, as per the terms of his settlement agreement with the SEC.

All of that isn't to say McFarland is left without a paddle. Since his release, he's been teasing the idea of a redemption arc for the Fyre brand, expressing his long-term intentions to execute on the original vision for the endeavor with the right planning and partners. 

In the meantime, however, McFarland has been exploring new avenues for monetizing the brand. Taking to Instagram, he revealed that he's officially signed a deal to turn his life and experiences surrounding the Bahamian event into a Broadway musical.

McFarland first teased the idea back in May in a video interview with Adam Glyn, wherein he described it as, "Instead of like traditional Broadway actors, it’s going to be current music artists, combined with the Broadway format of the play—making fun of me, but also I think sharing some of the good sides as well."

The working title for the Broadway show is said to be Fyre Festival 1.5.

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