Black Coffee teams up with filmmaker Hicham Hajji for upcoming EDM movie ‘God Is A DJ’

Taking on somewhat of a different direction as what we have been used to, Black Coffee has teamed up with Moroccan filmmaker Hicham Hajji for an upcoming film set around the world of electronic music. Acting as an executive producer on the movie, this will be the second time that the iconic South African DJ/producer has ventured into the film industry, having previously been part of the 2017 film ‘Wizard‘ at a same exact role. This time round, the movie which is titled ‘God Is A DJ,’ will be exploring an unlikely partnership of two DJs, where they look at taking on their local club circuit as a duo act.

Originating from different cultural backgrounds, the main focus of the film will be surrounded around a Jewish and a Moroccan man, as both form a masked duo in order to gain recognition within their local community. Having to overcome their own suspicions of each other, Hajji has made clear that “with a minority driven cast, the film aims to bring this nice music to the world through the minorities that understand it.” A movie set to achieve a clear aim, Hajji has only recently wrapped up his latest release with the film Redemption Day, with the filmmaker also launching his own production company H Films in 2008, as he looks to help foreign filmmakers bring their projects to fruition.

Promising to be an enticing film in the making, we are more than certain that the Grammy-nominated Black Coffee will impact the production in the most significant of ways, and in turn we will eagerly await its official release. As of now, ‘God Is A DJ’ is still in the pre-production phase, and no cast or release date has been announced by the produces at this current moment in time. Be sure to stay tuned as we will bring you any news once they’re available to us.


Image Credit: Black Coffee (via Facebook)

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