Bonobo celebrates 10-year anniversary of ‘Black Sands’ with limited edition vinyl

It has been 10 years since Simon Green, a.k.a. Bonobo, dropped his fourth studio album ‘Black Sands,’ and what better way to celebrate the anniversary of his mesmerizing project than releasing a special physical reissue. Besides the limited edition double red vinyl, the unique package contains new artwork shot by Simon himself, a 12″ print of the original one, and personal liner notes. On the notes he said:

There’s a progressive arc in the sound of Black Sands creation. The title track was the first piece in place. Then the other live-sounding tracks like “Animals” and “El Toro.” This was picking up where I’d left off from the previous album Days to Come. As time went on and 2009 approached I’d become fully immersed in what was happening in the UK clubs. […]This was the post-dubstep era. Elements of House and 2-step. All wonky and joyful. It was fun and progressive. This influence can be heard on the tracks produced around then like “Eyesdown” and ‘1009’. […] All my records feel like a diary of the time and headspace they were made in and Black Sands documents this in real time for me. A transition of falling in love with beatmaking again. An appreciation of a place and time and an anticipation for what was going to happen next.

Bonobo composed a genre-redefining LP with ‘Black Sands, ‘ which will reveal new layers every time you listen to it, even after 10 years. Being a perfect blend of classical and jazz instrumentation, cinematic soul, hip-hop, folk, world music, electronic beats, and Andreya Triana‘s flawless vocals, it will take you on an extensive emotional journey through organic sounds and rhythms.

The 10th-anniversary issue of ‘Black Sands‘ will be out on December 4 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order the limited edition vinyl here.

Image Credit: Bonobo via Facebook




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