Bossfight Proves Himself Yet Again In Epic Bass-Driven ….

Erik Bjärngard, who rocks the stage as Bossfight, has his head on straight when it comes to bass music. Let’s talk about “Decimate,” his latest tune with Monstercat. This track is all about showcasing what Bossfight does best: laying down deep, rumbling basslines and wrapping them up in a sound that’s as cinematic as it is electrifying. It’s a perfect example of his talent for creating tracks that can just blow your lid off. “Decimate” is a vivid reminder of why Bossfight’s adrenaline-fueling style is at the cutting edge of electronic music, always ready to stir up some feels and get the heart pumping.

With a history of shaking it up on the genre front – you never know quite what you’ll get from him. Ever since he hit the scene with Monstercat in 2017, his sound has been turning heads and winning hearts one by one, not to mention catching the ears of some pretty big names in the industry like Excision, Sullivan King, SLANDER, Kayzo, and NGHTMRE, to name a few.

Bossfight’s journey, in part, is also connected with how his tunes have made their way into some of the biggest video games out there, like Fortnite and Rocket League. It’s a big nod to how his music can cross over into different spaces and gain acceptance. And it’s not just gamers who are listening; with over 50 million streams and major love from Spotify’s hottest playlists, it’s clear he’s got a sound that sticks.

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