Boys Noize and Skream take us on a ‘Trip’ with new collaboration: Listen

Boys Noize and Skream take us on a journey through time with their latest collaboration ‘Trip,’ out now via Boysnoize Records.

Originally created during the 2020 quarantine for Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 Lockdown Link-Up series, German legend Boys Noize and English producer Skream finally release their single ‘Trip.’ Their track expresses the fluid relationship both artists have to genres as we are taken on a journey through club music’s past, present and future. Progressing through hardcore, tribal and IDM-infected house elements, this ‘Trip’ not only takes us through a linear journey, but also through a hallucinogenic journey as multiple eras of genres become one. 

The ‘Trip’ starts off with a two-step breakbeat intro, followed by a techno-inspired four-on-the-floor kick and bass for the eardrums to enjoy. Cued up next is a mesmerizing vocal that repeats the word ‘trip’ in a loop throughout the record. Heavy, harmonizing synths are introduced during the break, which leads straight into the drop where all previous elements are reintroduced, followed by a snare that adds a rich and warm house flare to the mix. Together, they all create a contagious rhythm that will have clubgoers dancing all night long.

Falling under the melodic house and techno spectrum, Trip’ is a brilliant and fluid composition that Boys Noize and Skream assemble with various genres without creating any conflict between them. It’s also a statement that both artists are capable to reinvent themselves in order to deliver something new and exciting to fans both old and new. Although created in the present, the track will no doubt live on and continue the journey into both the not-so-distant and distant future.

Be sure to check out Boys Noize and Skream’s new single ‘Trip’ down below or on your favorite streaming platform!


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