Brando – Don’t Call Me (Galantis Remix)

Swedish powerhouse duo Galantis returns to the spotlight and this time with a remix. They have transformed Brando’s ‘Don’t Call Me’ into a dancefloor hit.

The remix dropped on October 9th, and it features the duo’s signature vibrancy coupled with the original track titled Don’t Call Me by Brando. Galantis successfully delivers a perfect rendition of the song, maximizing Brando’s phenomenal vocals and connecting them with their signature piano chords. The ‘Don’t Call Me’ remix is a beautiful end-of-summer tune that wraps up the season in a perfect bundle of feel-good vibes. At 123 BPM, the remix is destined to become a regular dancefloor tune and perfect for a sunset drive down the coast. The song lyrics focus on showing strength and peace of mind during a past loved one’s sleepless nights. It inspires the listener not to allow former heartbreak to re-enter the equation, and it does so while making you want to dance your socks off.

Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw have been putting out original music during this quarantine year, blessing us with songs like ‘Faith’ – a collab with Dolly Parton featuring Mr. Probz upbeat dance anthem ‘Pretty Please’ with Jackson Wang. Known for their electrifying energy on stage, these Swedes are making 2020 their year, shaking things up with their unique collaborations and recognizable sound.

This is definitely one of the most fun, motivating, and inspiring remixes out there, and if you want to give it a listen, you can do that here:

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