Burning Man Releases Tickets for Second Virtual Burn

While Burners won't be able to congregate at Black Rock City this August after the postponement of Burning Man to 2022, they can come together in spirit for the second annual Virtual Burn. 

In the midst of the pandemic, The Burning Man Project created a digital recreation of the playa in full 3D. Users were able to create avatars and explore the psychedelic simulated landscape while engaging with fellow Burners. The 2021 edition will provide all that and more.  

Black Rock City Virtual Reality, also known as BRCvr, will host thousands of participants over 200 camps, a bevy of virtual art installations, and over 1,000 events. Users will be able to create their own camps with Build-A-Burn, a network of browser-based virtual worlds that feature spatial video chat. Those attending via their mobile phones and VR headsets may access the Dusty Multiverse, which they can roam using 3D avatars.

BRCvr will also feature The Infinite Playa, a photorealistic digital simulation, and SparkleVerse, a magical online city that also functions as a 2D browser-based map.

BRCvr will take place between August 22nd and September 7th. Tickets for the online event are now available. To learn more and to purchase a pass, navigate here


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