“By Ravers, For Ravers”: Protect Your Phone From Theft With ClutchLoop

Using a retractable steel cable, your phone will be tethered to you at all times for safekeeping.

We've seen dogs, pigs and even kids on a leash—but why not phones?

This ingenious concept was conceived by José Lecaro and Arron Tsipis last year, when the latter had his phone stolen while attending a music festival. And at the time of robbery, he says, his phone was "safely" zipped inside a fanny pack. Naturally, Tsipis was frustrated and began seeking anti-theft options. 

Tsipis tells us he envisioned a "steel retractable line to keep your phone safe," but had no luck finding such a product on the market. From that moment, he identified the problem and then went to work on inventing the solution. From there, he and Lecaro developed 15 prototypes to determine the best way to ensure their phones would remain fully secure at all times while still being user-friendly. 

They ultimately launched ClutchLoop, an anti-theft device that can be attached to any cellphone. As per their initial vision, the unit connects your phone to a retractable steel cable that can then be fastened to your pants, backpack, festival belt or any other garment for safekeeping. 

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"ClutchLoop is made by ravers, for ravers," said the brand's founders in a joint statement. "The entire brand personality is based on how we act when we attend festivals. We are trying to have the most fun while taking care of the people in our group. A 'rave mom or dad' if you will."

Since phones are so easily misplaced or stolen and have major resell value, theft has become an epidemic at music festivals. In fact, over 70 cellphones were reported stolen at EDC Orlando just two months ago, according to a police report. 

"For the first time ever, I was completely anxiety free about my phone at a festival," said one happy customer. "As a prior victim of festival phone theft, and subsequent crippling anxiety about the safety of my phone, I cannot thank you enough for creating this product. It will be a mainstay for any clubs/shows/festivals/large public gatherings I go to from now on because it actually works!"

While the concept was originally designed for music festivals, the product is an excellent solution to combat the anxiety of phone theft anywhere. Whether you're commuting on public transportation, walking through busy city streets, or even out with friends, the ClutchLoop is for anyone who wants to keep their phone safe and secure at all times.

ClutchLoops retail for $25 plus shipping. You can find out more via their website.

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