Carnage aka Gordo breaks silence over controversial set at Ministry of Sound

Gordo (formally known as Carnage) has just posted a response to the complaint of playing over his allotted time at Ministry of Sound this past weekend.

Fans and DJs alike flocked to Twitter and other social media platforms the past week to broadcast their dismay regarding Gordo going over his allotted time at Ministry of Sound, taking up the slots of other smaller-named DJs who were scheduled to perform.  According to the set times, artists Waze and Essel were slated to perform after Gordo, however, Gordo allegedly “refused” to come off stage, taking up nearly three hours of prime performance time.  Waze and Essel both posted their shared experience, in a tweet, Waze stated “I’m over a decade of playing I’ve honestly never seen this level of entitlement or arrogance and I’ve DJed with way bigger (and better) artists”

Gordo has posted his response to the claims in a post via Instagram that states he was just advocating for the fans.  “I’ve been doing extended Gordo sets ranging from 3 to 10 hours to give my fans the best show experiences possible and I was incredibly excited about my headlining Ministry of Sound UK debut” reads the post. Gordo goes on to sympathize with Waze and Essel stating “I’ve been in Waze and Essel’s shoes before tho and understand what a shitty spot they were put in.”  He also offers to make it up to them by suggesting adding them to future shows as a “make good”.

You can read the post in its entirety below.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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