Carnage shockingly announces retirement from music in social media post

In a surprising announcement, DJ Carnage aka Gordo has announced his retirement from the music industry in his latest social media post. “Thank you for letting me be apart of your life for 14 years… Thank you for the memories.”

When you refer to an artist’s music as one that knows no boundaries, there might not be a better suiter to wear that crown than Carnage. Ever since the Guatemalan-based producer splashed onto the scene near the start of the 2010s, he consistently found ways to innovate the sounds of electronic music and keep the industry moving forward. Carnage continues to this day to be one of the most passionate producers when it comes to creating new music. He constantly was an advocate for finding up-and-coming artists that stood outside the box and regularly had conversations within the industry on how it could continue to evolve.

However, it wasn’t just talking that Carnage did during his 14-year career. He backed it up with his actions. Throughout his discography, he experimented almost more than any other producer has during their career. Taking risks and being the first to step off the ledge many times, Carnage was never afraid to fail when it came to pushing the line of creativity. Most notably, this came in the past years when Carnage ditched his well-known name for a new project, Gordo. An alias centered around house music and techno, Gordo was one of the leading names in igniting a new flame within the club scene with iconic songs such as “KTM,” “Taraka” and “Eenie Weenie.”

At the moment, we are not sure if we will ever see Carnage or Gordo on a stage again, but one thing is for sure. He left the electronic industry in a better place than when we he entered it.

Thank You, Carnage.

Check out Carnage’s full retirement post on Twitter below.

Image Credit: Carnage

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