Charlotte de Witte at Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve: what can we expect?

To say good riddance to 2020, and ring in 2021 with a bang, Tomorrowland is hosting their New Year’s Eve event. With a jam-packed lineup (which is explored here), we’re more than excited. One of the performers is techno queen Charlotte de Witte, who is a staple of all the Tomorrowland events, and we know she’s going to bring the (virtual) roof down with her set, but what can we expect from it?

Right off the bat, we can tell you that Charlotte is going to excite and delight fans with unreleased and exclusive music, giving us a taste of what her 2021 releases will sound like. Always bringing the techno set to a new height, if you’ve ever seen her perform at Tomorrowland you know that her sets are insane, and just because this edition is virtual does not mean that it will be any different. Speaking of the set, she said the following:


“I’m expecting Tomorrowland to take things to the next level – it’s going to be even more impressive and detailed. It’s a great way to connect people and I really like the fact that Tomorrowland always incorporates lots of nature effects, this always brings something magical together with the music. I want to tell a very good story and represent the music that I stand for. I’m playing some exclusive tracks and unreleased stuff – techno music with some trance influences. It’s going to be a high energy set, it’s New Year’s Eve and people want to party – I hope they will go crazy!”

In a teaser video that you can watch below of the behind the scenes of her recording her set, we can tell that it’s going to be fast-paced, energetic and totally encapsulating. This Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland set is surely going to be one of her best of all time. Watch the video below, buy your tickets here and get ready for a massive adventure as we ring in the new year.

Image credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

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