Club Restricted Promo And Guantanamo Bae Host Remix Contest For ‘I Want You to Be Kind’

Guantanamo Bae releases his latest anthemic and energy-filled dance/deep house single ‘I Want You to Be Kind.’ The track contains an infectious melody, driving bassline, emotion-drenched piano progression, and an angelic vocal. The single goes straight into the soothing piano progression that serves as a perfect introduction to the vocal. The track progresses to introduce the electronic elements, before diving into the buildup. As the song progresses, energy keeps increasing. The epitome of the energy is the feel-good, summer vibes, drop. Undoubtedly, ‘I Want You to Be Kind’ can take anyone into a musical escapade as it contains every feel-good and mesmerizing element for a deep house track. The single spotlights that unique sound from the golden era of EDM which everyone loves while infusing today’s pop elements.

For the release, Guantanamo Bae is holding a remix competition where there will be a cash price for the first three places. Moreover, the winning remix will be released through the artist’s label MAC Attack Records and receive insurmountable exposure by industry giants. For the release, Club Restricted Promo and Guantanamo Bae are holding a remix contest. First place earns $200, second earns $150, and third earns $100. The deadline is September 19, good luck!

a) Download the pack HERE
b) All Genres Accepted
c) Upload your song on soundcloud as PUBLIC
d) Share on your social medias and make sure you tag Guantanamo Bae and Club Restricted Promo
e) Send the URL of the song at: [email protected]



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