Conform Records Returns With Second Volume Of Remastered Classics ‘Conform’s 21st Century Catalogue’

Back to complete the series, storied imprint Conform Records is sharing its classic catalogue remastered and distributed digitally for the first time. Highlighting the label’s iconic recordings from 2001-2005, the new release features the likes of Adam Beyer, Conform founder Gaetano Parisio, Danilo Vigorito, Markantonio, Ben Sims, and The Advent. Originally recorded on DAT tapes and released exclusively in physical copies, ‘Conform’s 21st Century Catalogue’ is available for purchase now via the Conform Records website and Bandcamp page.


In 1997, Gaetano Parisio’s newly founded Conform Records began making massive waves in his hometown of Napoli, Italy. By the turn of the century, the Naples techno sound had definitively spread around the world, turning Parisio’s humble label into a globally sought-after experience. As critical praise began rolling in and artists around the world commoditized the sound, Parisio and his Conform cohorts responded by consciously committing to the underground ideals that made their brand of techno so special. Fueled by their passion for raw musical expression, in the early 2000’s Parisio used his experience to lead his label to some of the greatest recordings in the genre’s history.

‘Conform’s 21st Century Catalogue’ deploys the same artistry and underground devotion as its preceding catalogue, but with a sharp increase in technical prowess brought on from years of focused practice. Highlights among the 52-song tracklist include Adam Beyer’s high-octane ‘Lost And Found’ EP, Gaetano Parisio’s highly rhythmic ‘Bendigo’ EP, and The Advent’s havoc-inducing ‘Past Forward’ EP. Listening through the catalogue, it’s easy to hear the predecessors for the modern techno sound beginning to take form, especially on singles like Parisio’s club scorcher ‘Blasfema.’ Remastered and digitally distributed for the first time ever, Conform’s body of work sounds more crisp than ever before. As modern electronic music changes more and more by the day. ‘Conform’s 21st Century Catalogue’ is essential listening for fans to understand and appreciate the roots of the culture we adore so much today.

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