Creamfields to Build World’s Biggest Indoor Mainstage for 2024 Festival

The UK's biggest electronic music festival just got even bigger.

The organizers of Creamfields are poised to break records at their 2024 festival after announcing the construction of APEX, a superstructure they've claimed will be the world's biggest indoor mainstage.

With an expected capacity of 30,000, the enormous stage will beat out a number of famed outdoor venues as well, including the Gorge Amphitheatre, Hollywood Bowl and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Creamfields itself can host up to 70,000 attendees.

APEX will be "shielded from the elements" to offer an "immersive experience," according to Creamfields. While it's hard to fathom just how impressive the stage will be, the festival has shared a video highlighting its blueprint, which you can watch below.

Those interested in attending Creamfields in 2024 can find tickets and more information here




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