D’Angello & Francis launch new record label Ravehouse Records

In partnership with Ada Music and Warner Music Group, Belgian powerhouse duo D’Angello & Francis have taken the next big step in their careers and have launched a new record label, Ravehouse Records.

The label will differentiate from others with a unique focus on new breeds of genres such as mainstage rave, future rave and big room techno. Creating a home where these genre fusions can thrive happily, D’Angello & Francis will curate a platform where a new generation of producers – established and upcoming – can show off their talents to the world on a platform that will give them all the resources that they could ever need to make it in the music industry. Pioneering in these new genres for a few years now, the duo are the perfect artists to lead this label and through it they will also grow their own styles further. They have also started a new radio show titled Ravehouse Radio, and have started a future rave playlist which can both be accessed on Spotify.

They explain further:

“Early 2019 we started producing more experimental by crossing over genres like big room and techno in a mission to Save The Rave, as we felt that the mainstage music was a bit stuck into the same type of EDM-style. During Covid we had the time to unfold this concept even more as we were in the studio 24/7. Now we have huge tracks ready to be released on our new label. We’re happy to have found a good partnership with Ada Music & Warner Music Group for this. We are confident that the new label will appeal to a lot of DJs and give opportunities to a new generation of talented producers. We will put out sample packs and remix competitions, to help other artists get into the genre. We also hope to start touring with the label as soon as nightlife gets back on track worldwide” 

Ravehouse Records will kick off with the release of D’Angello & Francis’ new track ‘The Launch’ on May 21, and you can now pre-save the track here. Visit the Ravehouse Records website here, and stay tuned as big things are coming from this label in the following months.


Image credit: press

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