David Guetta dons Jack Back alias for ‘Supercycle’ with Citizen Kain & Kiko: Listen

Back again with yet another techno-infused anthem, David Guetta switches to his underground Jack Back alias for the newest track ‘Supercycle‘ which sees him team up with Citizen Kain and Kiko.

Jack Back certainly needs no introduction. Allowing Guetta to showcase his underground, techno production skills in a new light where they take centre stage, he hasn’t held anything back when it came to releases this year, releasing the likes of ‘Alive‘ with Fancy Inc and Roland Clark (later turned into the Future Rave anthem ‘Alive Again‘) and ‘I’ve Been Missing You‘ with Guz and Ferreck Dawn. On the other hand, Citizen Kain marks his second release of the year with ‘Supercycle,’ his last being ‘Stultum‘ feat. Aves Volare. Kiko, part of Kiko y Shara, has also been busy on the release radar and this marks their third single of the year.

“This one is for the underground and I love it!!!” said David Guetta on Instagram

Marking his final release of 2021, ‘Supercycle’ takes fans on a wild ride through enticing and thrilling sounds that cross both techno and house realms, finding a middle ground between the two and marrying them perfectly. Euphoric yet dark beats drive the instrumental track forward and create a harmony that would be extremely effective on the dancefloor in the midst of the night, yet also equally as effective and powerful on festival mainstages bringing the underground straight into the spotlight. Both Citizen Kain & Kiko add their valuable input into the track taking it to new heights and making for one of the most powerful tracks of the year.

Marking yet another new step and chapter in the exciting story of Jack Back and saving one of the best tracks for last, this is ‘Supercycle,’ out via AFTR:HRS. Stream the track below on Spotify or via the usual platforms here.



Image Credit: Warner Music Press

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