David Guetta names 5 things every producer needs to know

David Guetta is an artist who deserves to be called a legend, and he needs no introduction… But we’ll give him one anyway. The French producer, born in Paris in 1967, has been active in the music scene for over 20 years, and his adventure began in the 90s with house music, of which he was one of the first representatives in France. Throughout his career, he has achieved countless successes, both musical and commercial. At the beginning of November this year, he was announced (for the second time) as the best DJ in the world. In June 2020, his  ‘New Rave EP was released alongside MORTEN, which changed the face of the electronic music industry and initiated a completely new genre. (You can read our interview with MORTEN here).

For some time now, the ‘Titanium‘ producer has also been working under the alias Jack Back, which was created out of the producer’s love for his musical house roots. Grahame Farmer conducted a short but very concise and exciting interview with the Frenchman during Amsterdam Dance Event, during which David listed 5 things that every producer needs to know. Here they are:

  • You have to stand for something as an artist. David thinks that the main mistake made by young producers is that they focus too much on the technical aspect of production and forget that being an artist is having something to say.
  • Make your decisions based on love and passion, not based on fear of being criticised. Sooner or later you will have to face criticism.
    If you’re DJing, always do it for the crowd and people on the dancefloor, not other DJs.
  • The shortest of David’s advice – it’s important to make your song sound big.
  • One of the most obvious things that you, unfortunately, have to deal with, no matter how good at producing you are – you need to work a lot and keep the best. The hard work pays off. Remember that behind a few good tracks, an EP, or an album are dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of bad songs that were dropped.

Watch full Jack Back (David Guetta)’s 5 things EVERY Producer Needs to Know video below.

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Image credit: Rukes

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