deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin secure Niantic deal for their gaming platform Pixelynx

Dubbed as “the portal to the metaverse,” Pixelynx has set out on blurring the lines between music, blockchain and gaming, whilst at the same time forming the foundation of how music is experienced in the metaverse. A home-run concept from the start, deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin’s Pixelynx gaming platform is slowly but truly turning into a global network of artists, visionaries and startups invested in the evolution of the industry through the intersection of NFTs, gaming, music and the metaverse.

Looking to take things that one level further, Pixelynx has just partnered up with no other than Niantic, the company behind the ever so popular and successful Pokémon GO mobile game. Signing on as a key developer, Niantic will not only be providing the project with all the required tooling, but more significantly, they will be sharing their expertise when it comes to the creation of environments and objects in augmented reality.

In a similar fashion to the Pokémon GO mobile game, Pixelynx will be creating objectives around the idea of collecting in-game objects (NFTs), with artists playing a crucial role in shaping the universe around them. With collectibles to be sought at various physical locations, such as events in the dance scene, the collection of NFTs also brings the promise of unlocking hidden extras, such as new music.

“As we look towards launching our platform in 2022, the development of a mobile app that allows fans to collect new songs and NFTs in the real world was always part of our vision to create the music metaverse. Teaming with Niantic on their Lightship ARDK to develop our mobile gaming app, will ensure that fans are able to take our game with them wherever they go, blending digital and real world experiences and enriching the fan experience in completely unique ways.” – Inder Phull, CEO of Pixelynx

Such concepts can only further enhance the dynamic within our community, with Pixelynx a prime example of what can be achieved in this “new” digital world. Make sure to check out the Pixelynx x Niantic trailer below, with any further information regarding Pixelynx found on their official website.



Image Credit: deadmau5 (via Facebook), Richie Hawtin (via Facebook)

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