Deathpact Drops Distorted Banger, “NEMESIS”

The elusive Deathpact is back with a new single, "NEMESIS," a genre-defying journey for those who crave sonic brutality.

With all the signature hallmarks of a dark and doomy Deathpact record, it's the phantom electronic music outfit's first release of 2024.

"NEMESIS" slithers in with distorted bass underneath tortured howls, its tense, eerie production a premonition luring us to the edge of a cliff. Those distress signals are then swallowed into the song's drop, a low-end leviathan with bass so thick it could worry a cardiologist.

As "NEMESIS" progresses, its drum breaks become more frenzied. Deathpact eventually uncorks a vicious drum & bass sequence, a masterclass in versatility that brings the track home with unfiltered energy. Check out the track below.


In other Deathpact news, the mysterious collective recently announced a high-profile headlining performance in Denver, where ticket-holders can partake in a branded VIP experience, "Eternity Research Group." Fans who complete an hourlong interview and "training session" will win merch and gain access to an exclusive VIP viewing area at the show, which is scheduled for June 22nd at the famed Mission Ballroom.

For a deep dive into the intricate, arcane world of the anonymous artist collective, read our in-depth feature.

You can find "NEMESIS" on streaming platforms here.

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