Deniz Koyu releases Master Series: Audio Engineering on 789ten

Since 2011, Deniz Koyu has been at the forefront of the electronic scene, tearing up dancefloors and always being a trendsetter. His unique way of producing had lead to countless streaming numbers, collaborating with the likes of Nicky Romero, and a strong fanbase who watch his career go from strength to strength. Speaking of his career going from strength to strength, he has now taken an exciting new step. What is this step? He has teamed up with 789ten to release The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering.

The Denis Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering is a signature mastering series aimed at producers looking to learn from the very best in the industry. With this series, it spans over 5 hours and 30 minutes of footage spread across 16 episodes which will go into great detail about anything and everything that is essential, including getting the chance to learn some secrets from Deniz Koyu’s career spanning over 20 years. A great producer to learn from, he ensures that watchers will get everything they could possibly need out of it, and stresses that balance is the key factor in all of this. He states that when sound is balanced, it tends to just feel right. Throughout this course, blueprints for success will be unravelled and it all starts with building up strong foundations before moving onto modern techniques and being guided through an actual mix of an expertly crafted vocal pop dance crossover track. If this wasn’t enough, students of this masterclass will also gain access to stems and the Ableton Live that Deniz uses himself to be able to follow his every move as closely as possible.


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This is all made possible with 789ten. 789ten is a website that offers tools needed to create electronic music through tutorials from leading artists. Excitingly, they are now accepting Ethereum (a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency, for example Bitcoin) as a form of payment, stating that they believe in the power of crypto and blockchain technology to revolutionise the music industry. Taking the first step towards the future, this is big news for the platform as it continues to grow and evolve.

The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering is now out, and you can purchase it here as well as view a preview of the class.


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