Dillon Francis teases an upcoming collaboration with Illenium

The legendary American record producer and DJ Dillon Francis has been a major part of the group of top-notch electronic artists ruling the industry for the past decade. Having produced everything from electro-pop to dubstep to trap, not many people would have expected him to dive into the world of melodic bass. Well, it turns out that this unforeseen scenario might turn out to be true, as Dillon Francis has just revealed that a collaboration with the melodic bass maestro Illenium is on the cards and will be finished before September.

Dillon Francis made the reveal on Twitter where he is seen writing a text to Illenium that states – “Time to finish our collab for life is beautiful.” Both the artists have had a fair share of massive collaborations in the past, which makes this upcoming one even more exciting and worth looking out for. Life is Beautiful just released its lineup for the 2021 edition, which will be held in September. It would be interesting to see whether these two artists share the stage during the festival to present their brand new collaboration.

Don’t forget to check out the complete lineup for Life is Beautiful 2021 here.

Image Credits – Dillon Francis (via Rukes.com), Illenium (via Instagram)

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