DJ Fresh Launches New Production Tool for Ethical Sourcing of AI Vocals

There's a new subscription model shaking up the world of AI-facilitated music. 

Pioneering drum & bass artist DJ Fresh is playing a pivotal role in the mission to take AI-generated vocals mainstream, and he's doing so from a sustainable perspective. Working alongside fellow producer Nico Pellerin, he's launched the innovative Voice-Swap, angling to become a go-to piece of software in the next-gen studio tool stack.

Voice-Swap effectively allows creators to pivot their own vocal into that of an established artist using the platform's proprietary set of AI vocal models. The program is actively partnering with vocalists and has already netted a base of notable voices, including Angie Brown, Jamie McCool and Liam Bailey, among others.

The technology allows artists to lend their vocal likeness to profit on a pro-rata basis every time their voice is leveraged, creating a recurring, AI-driven income stream for singers unlike anything seen on the market previously. For creators, it's as simple as recording and swapping to generate a professional-grade vocal track for your next production.

Voice-Swap plans are billed via monthly subscription beginning at just $5.99 per month.


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