DJ Store by Tomorrowland: The festival’s latest venture in providing a unique experience

DJ Store by Tomorrowland is the latest experience the iconic festival has to offer! Located in the city of Antwerp in Belgium and open from Wednesday to Sunday, it is marketed as the right place for professional DJs, producers, live performers and hobbyists.” This latest venture looks to offer customers amass with an array of high-quality DJ and producer equipmentvinyl recordsapparelaccessories and unique Tomorrowland tattoos.

Looking to take full advantage of their recognition as one of the most illustrative electronic dance music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland has further set out to expand their reach with their millions of fans through this store alone. With no shortage of DJ gear on offer, this latest store doubles up as a unique experience for consumers looking to benefit from the “extensive expertise and tailor-made advice” which comes alongside each purchase of DJ and producer equipment. Adding further sentimental value to the store, the finest vinyl record selections can be classed as the item to look for when making a purchase.

Official Tomorrowland compilations by some of the most iconic artists within the electronic dance music scene can be found throughout the store, whilst the ever-popular fashion accessories could not be missing from this latest venture. With a great variety of iconic TML by Tomorrowland t-shirts, hoodies, caps and more, consumers will be spoilt for choice at either section of what’s on offer. However, the highlight of the store looks to stray away from materialistic items, with consumers having the opportunity of showcasing their love for the festival with an ever-lasting unique Tomorrowland tattoo.

Looking to further entice consumers, a choice of the more common machine-based tattoos, or the once only done at festival grounds hand poked tattoos, will offer that once in a lifetime experience. Further information on tattoos and appointments can be found here, whilst the DJ Store by Tomorrowland can be accessed through here. Let us know what u think of this latest venture whilst checking out all the items on offer!


Image Credit: DJ Store by Tomorrowland

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