DJ Susan’s “Frozen Waterfall” Cascades With Soul-Stirring House Music Energy

Just like a happened-upon waterfall captures the imagination, so does DJ Susan's newest single, "Frozen Waterfall."

Out now on Helix Records, the track emerges as an energizing anthem, masterfully blending spirited tech house rhythms with harmonies vocals that resonate deep. The track exudes a palpable vibrancy that's synonymous with the Class of 2024 star's tried-and-true style, one that's earned him the nickname "Tech House Tony Robbins."

The interplay of its production with the emotive power of soul-stirring vocals creates a soundscape that's both refreshing and profoundly engaging. Ready to lift spirits and get bodies moving, "Frozen Waterfall" best captures the essence of a night out, embodying Sue's charismatic ability to transform any setting into a dance haven.

Check out the new single below and stream it here.