Electronic Music Producers Revitalize Nintendo 64-Era “Legend of Zelda” Soundtrack in New Album

15 electronic music producers are joining a tribute effort to breathe new life into one of Nintendo's most iconic video game titles, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which hit shelves at the turn of the century, has sold over three million copies to-date and remains the #12 best-selling title of all-time on the iconic Nintendo 64 console. Released on the video game-focused GameGrooves label, Milk Bar: An EDM Tribute to Majora's Mask revitalizes the original soundtrack's chiptune-inspired sounds with modern dance elements.

The wide-ranging tone of the soundtrack is met with an equally diverse stylistic set of cover remixes. The engines powering this sonic journey rev to life with "Termina Fields" from SaiyaSounds, an offering that transitions seamlessly from cinematic, suspense-building strings to a powerful melodic dubstep catharsis. 

At the opposing side of the sonic spectrum, the hard electro interpretation of "Deku Palace" by Ryu Matrix is characterized by a blistering barrage of punchy kicks. Meanwhile, DeBisco delivers a fitting send-off with vintage video game-style textures while inducing a sense of nostalgia.  

Take a listen to the full album below.

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