Elohim’s ‘Tiny Human’ Explores the Intima….

Elohim, a compelling figure in the realm of electronic music, has once again broadened her artistic horizons with the release of “Tiny Human.” Known for her profound engagement with themes of human vulnerability and existential contemplation, she has established a unique niche. Her journey, marked by significant achievements and a distinctive voice within the genre, takes a new turn with this latest work. Following the vibrant tones of “Can’t Remember Your Name,” “Tiny Human” ventures into darker, dance-infused territories, akin to artists like Rezz, signifying a thematic shift towards introspection and the ephemeral nature of human existence.

Elohim’s exploration into the depths of personal and universal introspection is not without its backdrop of challenges. She has navigated through turbulent times, battling severe anxiety that once necessitated medication use far beyond prescribed levels. This struggle, characterized by profound physical and emotional turmoil, led to a pivotal pause in her touring schedule, underscoring the paramount importance of mental health awareness in the music industry.

“Tiny Human” embodies Elohim’s resilience and her ability to channel personal adversity into artistic expression. The song serves as a reflection on our collective smallness against the vast universe, yet celebrates the profound connections and shared experiences that bind us. Through her music, Elohim continues to inspire, inviting listeners to find solace and understanding in the beauty of our shared human condition, marking yet another milestone in her evolving musical saga.


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