Eptic unleashes all energy in uncompromising debut album ‘The End Of The World’: Listen

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The festival season has started. Music lovers can look forward to many energy-packed events worldwide and many new releases as we approach summer, but bass music lovers have an additional reason to celebrate – Belgian producer and a true master of bass house and riddim Eptic has released his debut album The End Of The World.

Within 36 minutes of the albums runtime, Eptic demonstrates true growth and self-establishment as a producer. The album is his biggest work yet, and is filled with insane collaborations with the likes of Dillon Francis, MARAUDA, MUST DIE! and HOL!, keeping listeners engaged and dancing for its whole duration. The blend of multiple genres comes as a result of his hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which producers worldwide had little options for performing and instead were stuck to their programming softwares, creating bangers and perfecting their craft. This is exactly what we see in this album – Eptic made this album not to please anyone, but to find his own sound, his own artistic identity.

“I could’ve made a full dubstep album, but I chose to make a bass album with a lot of different genres and styles, which for me, the EPTIC project has always been about. Hopefully my fans aren’t too harsh… or I will beat the sh*t out of them”, Eptic joked.

Different genres blending into one another is heard across all album, but particularly heard in his collaboration with MARAUDA – ‘Wall Of Death‘, packed with an electric guitar and drums any metal fan would appreciate. This album has something for everyone, and that’s the true beauty of music as an art – releasing oneself from constricting rules of genres.

“I would be lying if I said writing this album went smooth,” Eptic said. “Making this collection of music has been the most difficult and frustrating project i’ve worked on in my entire life. It’s literal blood, sweat, anger, doubt and a lot of tears.”

In addition to this release, Eptic has also announced his North American tour for the album with an introduction to the Overlord stage, with Leotrix as a special guest.

Eptic keeps establishing his well-deserved spot as the main name of bass music for years now, releasing incredible EPs and collaborations with artists like Valentino Khan, DJ Snake, Jauz and Habstrakt, and has been a frequent resident of Rampage, Antwerp based drum and bass event. He also has an upcoming b2b set with Svdden Death at Ever After Music Festival in August which no dubstep fan should miss out on. Listen to the full album below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Image Credit: Eptic (via Facebook)

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