Feint and MYLK Collaborates on ‘Beyond’

When it comes to the drum and bass music scene, few artists are as influential as Feint and MYLK. Both hailing from the UK, they’ve been lighting up dance floors and Soundcloud streams for years, with Feint consistently proving to be a hit maker on the Monstercat label and MYLK lending her unique blend of J-pop-mixed-with-dance to the recipe. Now, they’re together after 6 years on a new single called “Beyond”, and it’s a banger.

“Beyond” is just the kind of track you’d expect from these two: it’s upbeat, fast-paced, and has a rhythm that keeps you moving. Feint, who’s known for his fantastic stage presence and thrilling performances at drum and bass festivals across Europe, brings his signature style to the table. The song moves fluidly and is brimming with a profound energy that only he could create.

MYLK, on the other hand, contributes her own unique flavour to “Beyond.” Known for her successful production of a full album and single for FEMM in partnership with Avex Group, as well as her tracks gaining millions of plays on Soundcloud and YouTube, MYLK proves once again why she’s one of the top artists in the industry. The song features soothing female vocals that add a harmonious contrast to the rhythmic intensity.

“Beyond” is a true collaboration, showcasing the best of what Feint and MYLK have to offer. It’s a song that drum and bass fans won’t want to miss. “Beyond” takes you on a musical journey like no other.


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